Danke für den Link und den Text. Putin wenigstens lügt nicht über den Klimawandel.

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Putin sagt im einzelnen:

"...Russia is not the world’s largest polluter. The biggest polluter
according to the UN – many other organisations made such calculations,
but according to the UN, the biggest polluters are the United States and
China (16 percent of emissions each), the EU (11 percent), Russia (6
percent) and India (5 percent).

As you know, the Paris Agreement pursues efforts to limit the increase in
global temperature to 1.5 percent. I do not know whether we will be able to
achieve this together or not, because nobody really knows the causes of
climate change,
at least global climate change.

We know that in the history of the Earth there have been periods of
warming and cooling, and this might depend on the global processes in the
Universe. A small tilt of the Earth’s axis and its orbit around the Sun
can lead to and have already led to very serious climate changes on the
Earth, which had dramatic consequences – good or bad, they were still

And it is happening again now. It is very difficult, if not impossible,
to work out exactly how humankind affects climate change.
But we cannot
stay idle either, I agree with my colleagues. We should make our best
efforts to prevent dramatic changes in the climate..."

Transkript der Pressekonferenz:

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